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Press Release: Poll: Amendment 1 Too Close to Call





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August 3, 2014

Contact: Titus Bond



Poll: Amendment 1 Too Close to Call

Turnout to Decide the Fate of Changes to Missouri Constitution


Kansas City, MO – Remington Research Group has conducted an independent survey of all Missouri Constitutional Amendments.


After millions of dollars spent to help voters decide, a couple amendments remain too close to call less than 48 hours from Election Day.


Amendment 1, also known as “Right to Farm” holds a lead but the race is too close to call. Supporters of Amendment 1 totaled 48%, with opponents at 40%, and undecided at 12%.


“Amendment 1 is going to be determined by turnout and could go either way,” said Titus Bond of Remington Research Group. “With nothing else at the top of the ballot to drive turnout it will really come down to who is more passionate about this issue. Amendment 1 supporters appear to have lost their message to Amendment 1 opponents but the ballot language may be able drive their campaign to a victory,” said Bond.


The other close race is with Constitutional Amendment 8, which seeks to create a lottery system to benefit veterans is very close with a high number of undecided voters. 41% of voters support Amendment 8, 46% oppose, and 13% are undecided. It has received far less attention than the other two races, but appears to be just as close.


There are two other proposed Constitutional Amendment appearing on Tuesday’s primary election ballot. Constitutional Amendment 5, which directs the state to protect 2nd Amendment gun rights is cruising towards victory with 60% of voters supporting, 31% opposing, and 9% undecided.


Constitutional Amendment 9, which protects Missourian’s electronic communications from unreasonable searches and seizure is strongly supported by voters according to the survey. 67% of voters support Amendment 9, only 20% oppose it, with 14% undecided.


Constitutional Amendment 7 was not tested due to a conflict of interest.

Remington Research Group conducted an automated survey of 1,115 likely primary voters July 31st through August 2nd. Responses were weighted to reflect turnout demographics of Missouri primary election. Self-described Party Affiliation breakdown is 35% Republican, 33% Democrat, and 32% Non-Partisan. The margin of error is +/- 2.98% with a 95% level of confidence. The survey was commissioned independent of any campaign or committee involved in the race.


Remington Research Group is a polling firm that specializes in automated IVR technology.  For more information on Remington Research Group please visit