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PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Dave Hinson files HB 800 to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis

Missouri Compassionate Care Act Filed:
Rep. Dave Hinson files HB 800 to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis

JEFFERSON CITY- For decades, states have been permitting the use of medicinal cannabis. HB 800 would create one of the most comprehensive medical cannabis laws and provide families and physicians the options they deserve when it comes to quality medical care.

Currently 23 states permit cannabis use for medicinal purposes. Creating one of the most tightly regulated laws in the country, HB 800 would allow a patient to possess 2.5oz of cannabis for use over a 14-day period. The law also stipulates the cannabis must be produced and purchased in Missouri, and prevents prescribing physicians from having financial interest in the industry. Precedent for allowing Schedule I drugs to be used for medical treatments exists, with opiates being regularly prescribed for pain relief. This legislation clearly lays out conditions qualifying for medical cannabis prescriptions to ensure responsible, regulated use.

“Missouri doctors and families deserve options,” said Rep. Hinson. “I think it is time we extend the best care possible to Missourians and recognize the medical benefits of cannabis. I have worked hard to created the most comprehensive laws in the country. Last year the legislature embraced the use of CBD oil for epilepsy relief, and we should allow similar options to Missourians suffering with other debilitating illnesses.”

Studies show the medicinal benefits of cannabis for chronic pain conditions, nausea, appetite stimulation, and symptom reduction for numerous diseases. Numerous medical organizations, such as American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Medical Associations Council on Scientific Affairs, and dozens more, support the use of medical cannabis.

Representative Hinson filed HB 800 on February 3rd, the bill is now waiting to be read on the floor and referred to committee.