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Rallies and protests expected at Capitol for veto session


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With veto session about to descend upon the Capitol, activists are expected to flood into Jefferson City along with the legislators, lobbyists and other state higher-ups.

Veto session always marks a time of action in the Capitol, as lawmakers attempt to get legislation passed to supercede the vetoes of Gov. Jay Nixon. House Majority Floor Leader Mike Cierpiot said he was not certain on specifics, but he expects about a dozen bills to be voted on during the session.

One of the most impactful pieces of legislation will be the Right to Work bill being debated, and the Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity is expected to turn out in force next Wednesday. Patrick Werner, the president of the chapter, says their rally will be a chance to show legislators support for “Right to Work” legislation.

“This is about fairness in the workplace and jobs for Missouri workers,” Werner said. “The people of Missouri have spoken loud and clear that they support Right to Work laws, and their voices must be heard in order for Missouri to see the growth it badly needs. When Right to Work becomes a reality in Missouri, no worker will lose their job just for choosing not to join a union, and the economy will see the same jobs boom that 25 other states already enjoy.”

Labor groups with union workers are also expected to be in the Capitol, but Mike Louis, the president of the Missouri AFL-CIO, says the organization has already had their yearly rally and they will not hold one during veto session.

“Only thing we’ve done is invited as many members as can afford to take a day off work to sit in the gallery, be respectful and show support to the legislators on both sides of the aisle that have given us support,” Louis said.

An anti-abortion rally at the Capitol, emceed by 40 Days for Life organizer Kathy Forck, will feature legislators from the Senate Sanctity of Life Committee as well as members of the joint committee hearings investigating the allegations against Planned Parenthood in the House.

“The event is all the more timely due to the ongoing release of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees discussing the illegal sale of aborted body parts for research and the University of Missouri Hospital granting privileges to a St. Louis abortion doctor enabling Columbia Planned Parenthood to get back into the abortion business,” wrote Forck in a press release about the rally.

Sens. Kurt Schaefer, Eric Schmitt, Jeanie Riddle, David Sater and Bob Onder of the Sanctity of Life Committee as well as Reps. Diane Franklin and Mike Moon will speak along with several religious leaders from around the state late Tuesday in the Capitol rotunda.