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Release: ‘Outsider’ Greitens ‘Insiders’ it up in Boston


There he goes again. It’s been less than a month since Eric Greitens last skipped town to hob knob with DC insiders and RGA mega donors – so he must have been getting antsy.

Not to fear, “outsider” Greitens spent the day in Boston today getting his fill of national Republican politicians in the most insider-y fashion possible: a DC-led fundraising summit.

Eric Greitens has made it clear he doesn’t care much about where money comes from, or the character of a donor – if it’ll benefit Eric Greitens, well then he’s all for it.

It’s no wonder hypocritical Eric Greitens continues to divide the Republican Party in Missouri over and over and over again. The only people he really cares about bringing together are mega donors who will contribute to his campaign and DC insiders to pat him on the back.

Eric Greitens is just Wrong for Missouri.