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Senate leadership holds press conference

Today, Republican leaders of the Missouri Senate gathered to announce changes to committee assignments. President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden addressed the media and denounced the Missouri Freedom Caucus. Senate Majority Leader Cindy O’Laughlin and Assitant Majority Floor Leader Jason Bean also spoke, echoing similar sentiments.

Sen. Rowden announced the removal of certain senators from committees and who would be replacing them. Senators Rick Bratin, Andrew Koenig, and Bill Eigel were removed from their respective committee assignments.

“I will continue to work with anyone interested in advancing a strong, family-supporting, conservative agenda while respecting our institution and its members. If the members impacted by today‚Äôs actions want concrete, conservative progress, they can still have it”, Rowden said.

Senators Bill Eigel, Denny Hoskins, and Rick Brattin of the Missouri Freedom Caucus spoke shortly afterward. All three Senators criticized the current leadership of the Senate.

“It’s disappointing to me certainly, that this action today by the Senate leadership which is clearly punitive, and retaliatory in action has occurred,” Eigel said.

The press conference can be watched here.