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Rep. Rocky Miller picks his business over politics, and we should all thank him 

I always find it amusing when a Republican legislator who spends his five months a year working for the gub’ment and seven months a year working for someone else who creates jobs, or especially one whose primary income comes from the gub’ment, lectures those who actually employ people on economic development. It’s kinda […]

Even the smartest politicians have missteps every now and then

To be clear, I think that Jason Kander is one of the smartest politicians in the state. He seems to have an instinct about where the Democratic Party is going. He may have the best political instincts in the state. However, his performance last week should comfort every other politician […]

MAF calls on House to pass SJR39

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Alliance for Freedom (MAF) President Ryan Johnson released a statement Monday expressing support for SJR 39, saying he hopes to see it on the statewide ballot for Missourians to vote on this fall. The resolution will be heard before the House Emerging Issues Committee, chaired by […]

Senate Democrats filibuster SJR39 through second night

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The longest consecutive filibuster in state history endured through a second night as Senate Democrats debated in shifts as the Republican majority was forced to answer hourly quorum calls as each side stood deadlocked in a test of wills over a bill that both sides define […]

Legislators, activists rally against sex trafficking

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Tuesday afternoon, the Capitol rotunda was filled with Missourians attending the Missouri Sex Trafficking Awareness Month Ceremony, hosted by Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis. Last year, Nasheed sponsored SCR 1, which declared January as Sex Trafficking Awareness Month in Missouri. “With the passage of Senate Concurrent […]

Part Two: 5 of the Most Important People of 2016

Senator Mike Kehoe      The new floor leader has several challenges ahead of him in 2016 from the way in which the 2016 session ended. The senate seems to be trending toward a more House-style leadership driven body, but Senator Kehoe is a statesman and a historian who will […]

Part One: 5 of the Most Important People of 2016

House Speaker Todd Richardson       The new speaker inherited a whole host of problems he had to sort through starting with the way he came to the job a year early and continued with a right-to-work vote that presented him with tons of bad options. However, since veto session, he has […]

TWMP Preview: Koster, the governor’s race and the impending earnings tax fight

After a week-long break for Thanksgiving, This Week in Missouri Politics is back with Attorney General Chris Koster as host Scott Faughn’s special guest. Koster talks about his gubernatorial campaign, the legal challenges facing SB 5 in St. Louis, the West Lake Landfill debacle, and the upcoming legislative session. The opinion-maker […]