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Commission nearing end holds mostly closed sessions

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” That quote, often attributed to Winston Churchill, was the sentiment shared by former Sen. Jason Crowell while speaking about the state’s current tax environment as he advocated for changing the state’s economic development programs. “This […]

State Senate Tip Sheet: July 2016

Heading into the home stretch of the primary season and with the 2nd quarter financial reports in, we took a look at the contested primary and general senate elections in the state.   COMPETITIVE PRIMARIES #1 SD 23 TOSS UP R+3.3 (Dempsey) This race is a TOSS UP, but it […]

I get easily confused, are moderates good or bad?

I have to admit I’m just a simple hillbilly. Admittedly, I ain’t never been to an Ivy League school like Yale. However, one time I did get poison ivy in a patch of woods round by Yukon, Missourah. For our Ivy League readers, that’s in central Texas County. Maybe that’s […]

On Obergefell anniversary, statewide candidates answer questions about gay rights and religious freedom

Last year, the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges made same-sex marriage the law of the land. While gay rights activists celebrated, the opposition worried about how to implement a ruling many felt violated their sincerely held religious beliefs. Gay rights activists thought that the 2016 session would be […]

Lafayette County Republicans reflect on grassroots

By Kay Hoflander Lafayette County Republican Central Committee Chair MRP State Committee Member serving on Rules Sub-Committee, Executive Committee Kinder, Brunner and Hanaway all have a following in my part of the state, and all three have effective and respected campaigns here. We have never seen the fourth Governor candidate Greitens […]

TWMP: On the end of the legislative session and talking politics

On Sunday’s This Week in Missouri Politics, host Scott Faughn and the opinionmaker panel talk about the legislative session as it comes to a close. Anne Schweitzer with Public Eye STL, Jack Cardetti of Tightline Strategies, Republican candidate for state representative Phil Christofanelli, and Stoddard County prosecutor Russ Oliver discuss the […]

Senate Democrats filibuster SJR39 through second night

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The longest consecutive filibuster in state history endured through a second night as Senate Democrats debated in shifts as the Republican majority was forced to answer hourly quorum calls as each side stood deadlocked in a test of wills over a bill that both sides define […]

January 2016 Tip Sheet: Statewide Races

US SENATE REPUBLICANS Senator Roy Blunt Senator Blunt’s campaign has remained focused on his broad-based strategy that makes him a tough opponent in any general election. He seems to have avoided a primary competitor which will allow him to kick his general election campaign into high gear coming out of […]