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Kraus touts endorsements in secretary of state bid


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – Secretary of State candidate Sen. Will Kraus has released a list of endorsements that includes Missouri lawmakers who worked with him on various legislation, including bills that the state senator says cut income tax for the first time in more than 90 years, made it easier for deployed soldiers to vote and required a photo ID to cut down on voter fraud at the ballot box.

“I am extremely grateful for the support shown by those who know me best,” Kraus said in a news release. “These are the men and women whom I have been fortunate to work with to accomplish great things for Missourians. I look forward to working with them in the future as Missouri Secretary of State.”

The list of endorsements includes more than 100 former and current elected officials, according to the release, including:

Missouri Statewide Offices

Former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman (Former Senator)


Missouri Senate

Senator Ron Richard, President Pro Tem

Senator Mike Kehoe, Majority Floor Leader

Senator Brian Munzlinger, Maj. Caucus Whip

Senator Ed Emery

Senator Dan Hegeman

Senator Doug Libla

Senator David Pearce

Senator Gary Romine

Senator David Sater

Senator Rob Schaaf

Senator Ryan Silvey

Senator Wayne Wallingford

Senator Paul Wieland

Former Senator Tom Dempsey

Former Senator John Griesheimer

Former Senator Brian Nieves

Former Senator Luann Ridgeway

Former Senator Larry Rohrbach

Former Senator Charlie Shields

Former Senator Bill Stouffer


Missouri House

Representative Mike Cierpiot, Majority Floor Leader

Representative Denny Hoskins, Speaker Pro Tem

Representative Delus Johnson, Majority Whip

Representative Mike Bernskoetter, Majority Caucus Secretary

Representative Allen Andrews

Representative Chuck Bayse

Representative Nathan Beard

Representative TJ Berry

Representative Linda Black

Representative Jack Bondon

Representative Rick Brattin

Representative Cloria Brown

Representative Wanda Brown

Representative Jason Chipman

Representative Steve Cookson

Representative Robert Cornejo

Representative Charlie Davis

Representative Dean Dohrman

Representative J. Eggleston

Representative Kevin Engler

Representative Sue Entlicher

Representative Scott Fitzpatrick

Representative Paul Fitzwater

Representative Tom Flanigan

Representative Lyndall Fraker

Representative Dr. Keith Frederick

Representative Elaine Gannon

Representative Jim Hansen

Representative Ron Hicks

Representative Galen Higdon Jr

Representative Jay Houghton

Representative Tom Hurst

Representative Jeff Justus

Representative Mike Kelley

Representative Bill E. Kidd

Representative S. Nick King

Representative Glen Kolkmeyer

Representative Mike Lair

Representative Bill Lant

Representative Warren Love

Representative Steven Lynch

Representative John McCaherty

Representative Andrew McDaniel

Representative Joe Don McGaugh

Representative Jeffrey Messenger

Representative Mike Moon

Representative Lynn Morris

Representative Dave Muntzel

Representative James “Jim” Neely

Representative Donna Pfautsch

Representative Don Phillips

Representative Patricia Pike

Representative Craig Redmon

Representative Holly Rehder

Representative Bill Reibolt

Representative Tim Remole

Representative Shane Roden

Representative Rebecca Roeber

Representative Don Rone

Representative Caleb Rowden

Representative Lyle Rowland

Representative Tila Rowland Hubrecht

Representative Dan Shaul

Representative Noel Shull

Representative Lindell Shumake

Representative Bryan Spencer

Representative Jered Taylor

Representative Nate Walker

Representative William (Bill) White

Representative John D. Wiemann

Representative Ken Wilson

Representative David Wood

Former Representative Jim Avery

Former Representative Jason Brown

Former Representative Doug Ervin

Former Representative Chuck Gatschenberger

Former Representative Kenny Jones

Former Representative Chris Molendorp

Former Representative Noel Torpey

Former Representative Kevin Wilson

Former Representative Brian Yates