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Scott Faughn

Publisher, The Missouri Times, and Host, This Week in Missouri Politics

Scott Faughn is the publisher of The Missouri Times and Territorial Enterprise; president of the SEMO TIMES, a weekly newspaper in Poplar Bluff; . Before beginning his publishing career Faughn was elected the youngest mayor in the history of Poplar Bluff, Mo., at the age of 22. While mayor, Faughn began and spearheaded the effort to create four lanes on Highway 67 between Poplar Bluff and St. Louis.



The Daily American Republic said “…at the age of 24, he is the father of Highway 67.” Before being elected mayor, Faughn served on the staff of state representatives Rod Jetton and Mark Richardson. After leaving the public service life in Missouri, he was a registered lobbyist in the state of Arkansas.

He now lives with his wife, Sarah Jane, and their daughter Millie on the same farm where he grew up. Faughn is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University and Three Rivers College. His publications have interviewed senators, governors, several members of Congress and many music artists. In his spare time, he grows grapes and is an aspiring vintner.

Faughn is a member of the Missouri Sunshine Coalition, The National Association of Alternative Newsweeklies of America, St. Louis Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Americans for Free Speech, Poplar Bluff Downtown Business Owners Association, Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson City Downtown Business Owners Association, Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Readers can contact Scott via email at scott@themissouritimes[dot]com, or on Twitter at @scottfaughn. 


Rachael Dunn

Managing Editor, The Missouri Times, and Producer, This Week in Missouri Politics

Herndon with Grayson

Dunn with Grayson

Rachael Herndon Dunn is the managing editor at The Missouri Times and also produces This Week in Missouri Politics. Rachael studied Communication and Art History at the University of Missouri – Columbia and has previously worked as a state, federal, and campaign staffer.

Dunn has interviewed and written about various state officials, lawmakers, and commissioners. She covers state politics, the legislative process, capital culture, and state commission activity. Her graphic design has appeared in multiple media markets in varied form across multiple states.

Dunn lives in Jefferson City with her husband, Brandon, and her stepson, Parker, where they enjoy a view of the Capitol with their two rescue dogs, Grayson and Betty.

Readers can contact Rachael via email at rachael@themissouritimes[dot]com, or on Twitter at @herndonrachael. 


The Newspaper’s Founding

first cover

The first cover of The Missouri Times

Former Speaker of the Missouri House Rod Jetton was the co-founder of the publication. He not only brought a wealth of friendships, marketing experience, sales know-how and public relations expertise to the endeavor, but he also has a strong business and management background he lent the organization before leaving the company in June 2013.

Long before he became speaker, Jetton developed the understanding and ability to organize and manage people. He learned discipline, hard work and key organizational skills through his time as a young officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Additionally, Jetton served as a company commander in the Marines, which taught him how to manage personnel and resources under challenging circumstances.

His election as a state representative and meteoric rise to become the youngest speaker in state history has been well documented in the statewide media. He is the last speaker to serve more than two years for quite some time, and the only one to serve more than one term since term limits were imposed.

One of the top issues Jetton focused on while in the legislature was Missouri infrastructure. He supported initiatives to increase funding for building Missouri’s road, bridge, sewer and water improvements. He also was a key leader in the effort to streamline the process for bringing electric power, natural gas and internet broadband services to all Missouri citizens.

Jetton also is the author of The Recovering Politician’s Twelve Step Program to Survive a Political Crisis. He can be reached on twitter at @jedijetton.

Jetton left the publication in 2013.