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2024 Democratic Bench Tip-sheet

Statewide Bench: Democrats

#1 Senator Brian Williams
Senator Williams leads the bench for Democrats. He is best suited to not only win a primary but to also put together a campaign that could be competitive in a deeply red state.
Williams can raise money with anyone in the party, he is one of the best performing Democrats in the media, he is a Democrat who can raise money from corporations and is popular with activists. Further, he can tout the passage of the law banning chokeholds in a supermajority of Republicans and signed by a Republican governor.
The question for Missouri Democrats is can they convince him to run statewide or will he prefer to continue his career in an office in the St. Louis area?

Total Raised this Cycle: $12,650
Cash on Hand: $249,911
Cash on Hand: $118,525

#2 Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas
The Mayor of Kansas City has hands down the most charisma in the party. He can raise money and has a good track record in the city to run on. He can dominate in the media and has proven he can win a tough election.
Many have speculated that he might be looking at the US Senate race next year, and if he is he will be the decided underdog, but for certain leave the race with a national profile.
Who knows what is next, but the speculation will continue until he decides. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $1,081,161
Cash on Hand: $ 709,186

#3 Senator Greg Razer
Senator Razer is a Democratic star who is building a statewide profile and has the benefit of hailing from the bootheel which enables him to understand and speak to some of the voters who used to vote Democrat.
He is the first openly gay male state senator and has utilized that fact to be very vocal in standing up for the LGBTQ community.
He still has some time in the senate before he has to choose, but during that time a statewide run could look like less of a longshot for the Senator from Jackson (but really Pemiscot).

Total Raised this Cycle: $81,998
Cash on Hand: $108,538
KC Neighbors for Progress
Cash on Hand: $61,069

#4 Former Columbia Mayor Brian Treece
The former Mayor of Columbia wrapped up a very very successful run, and after a short stint on the MODOT commission, he is still clearly interested in serving. He comes from the mold of your Nixons or McCaskills, you know democrats who won elections.
He would have strong labor support and a network of contacts from his years working around the capitol. If the Democrats put together a real ticket that could win he would be a top recruit. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $ n/a
Cash on Hand: $ n/a

#5 State Representative Keri Ingle
The lady from Jackson’s stock has been skyrocketing in the last couple years. It seems much more likely that she is on a course to attempt to flip SD8 in three years, but would be very well suited to make a credible statewide race. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $4,862
Cash on Hand: $47,006
Keri PAC
Cash on Hand: $6,000

#6 Senator Tracy McCreery
One of the most talented politicians on either side of the aisle. She won a competitive primary race for the House and won a competitive general election in the Senate. Senator McCreery would be higher on this list but I really think she is loving the Senate too much to divert her attention from it at this point. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $8,161
Cash on Hand: $7,998
Serve Missouri PAC
Cash on Hand: $1,746

#7 President of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Megan Green
The new President of the Board of Alderman has been at the forefront of the progressive movement in the state for years now. She unseated an incumbent to win her first alderwoman race, and after two unsuccessful campaigns one for her current job and one for state senate she is riding high with a citywide win and Board of Aldermen full of allies.
If you want to know where the progressive movement is heading look to the woman who has been on the cutting edge of it here in Missouri. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $10,657
Cash on Hand: $ 62,213
Progress PAC
Cash on Hand: $ 52,619

#8 State Representative Betsy Fogle
She is a clear vote-getter. She can raise money and flipped a red seat blue. Rep. Fogle has a clear ability to convince Republicans to vote for her, which will obviously be the key to a Democrat winning a statewide race.
By the time her house term ends, it could be the opportunity for a new generation of Democrats to be at the front of that movement. She would be the ideal candidate for that. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $4,176
Cash on Hand: $14,372
Forward PAC
Cash on Hand: $2,229

#9 St. Louis County Executive Sam Page
The St. Louis County Executive has a large amount of name ID in the St. Louis media market as well as the ability to raise a good deal of money. Further Sam has run statewide before. He is in a unique position in the Democratic party to have a large base in St. Louis but also has the ability to understand a rural audience.
You just wonder if it’s worth it to him to leave a job he clearly enjoys. 

Total Raised this Cycle: $6,844
Cash on Hand: $2,879
Page PAC
Cash on Hand: $18,946

#10 Former State Rep. Judy Baker
Former Rep. Judy Baker has previously ran statewide and narrowly lost a state senate race in 2020. She has been in big races and is someone who Democrats could nominate and know would mount a credible campaign.
Something tells me she is not done running.

Total Raised this Cycle: $n/a
Cash on Hand: $n/a


Rep. Ashley Aune – she would probably rather throw her hat in for Floor Leader.

‘22 State Rep candidate Jess Piper – She can organize and fundraise and no one in this state can piss off Republicans quite like Jess Piper. 

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker – She is one of the most competent prosecutors in the state and has connections everywhere in the state. She could make a legitimate run if she chose. She has mentioned it before but probably knows the environment needs to ripen for a Democrat to compete.