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Former State Representative Lyndall Fraker to retire from State Government

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo- Former State Representative Lyndall Fraker has announced his retirement from state government and plans to join his family’s company Rost Ready Mix back in Marshfield.

Rep. Fraker wants to be able to spend more time with his family and to be home for his son’s senior year of high school.

He was elected to the House in 2010 and served 8 years representing the 137th district, which includes parts of Webster and Greene counties, and his hometown of Marshfield.

During his time in the House, he was elected to lead the unit in charge of the legalization of medical marijuana unit within the Department of Health and Senior Services, a large and challenging task at the time.

Many have praised him for his work as director, much like Andrew Mullins, Executives Director and President of MoCannTrade, “As a regulator, Director Fraker was fair, comprehensive and results oriented. But what really won everyone over was his earnest passion for this state, the trust he placed in his staff, and the humility and statesman-like approach he brought to the job each and every day,” Mullins said.

“Starting a new government program is one of the most difficult jobs in public service. It essentially requires building an airplane while at the same time flying it. Looking back, Director Fraker was precisely the statesman Missouri needed for this critical role. We are thrilled he is now able to go back to his local community, knowing he not only moved heaven and earth to get this historic program off the ground, but also made a real and lasting difference for hundreds of thousands of Missourians and Missouri’s newest industry.”

A building contractor and real estate developer, Fraker has previously served as Webster County Northern Commissioner. He was on the board of the Marshfield Public Schools Foundation and also served as a member of the Missouri Workforce Investment Board.