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Congressman Alford to introduce Agriculture Advisory Committee

Exclusive — Congressman Mark Alford is putting together an advisory committee that will help guide him on agriculture issues that make their way through Congress. Especially though the House Committee on Agriculture, which Alford has a seat on. The advisory committee formation comes at an appropriate time, as March 21 is National Agriculture Day.

Alford, who represents Missouri’s 4th congressional district, is the only Missouri representative on the 52-seat House Committee on Agriculture.

The House Committee on Agriculture has been busy as of late, as five years have passed since the last farm bill, and the 2023 Farm Bill looms over the committee. This massive and complex ominous bill will include a wide range of funding for various programs that all connect to agriculture and rural development.

Missouri’s 4th congressional district, located in the western part of the state, is predominantly rural and is home to many different agriculture-based industries. Many of these industries, like most across the U.S., rely on farm bills like this year’s for support.

“Agriculture is the backbone of this country, and Missouri’s 4th district is at the center of it. As the 2023 Farm Bill approaches, we wanted to make sure our team was as prepared as possible. That is exactly why we are proud to announce the formation of our Agriculture Advisory Committee. We look forward to leaning on the support and counsel of farmers, ranchers, and other individuals who are experts in the industry,” said Alford.

State Rep. Mike Haffner, Christmas tree farmer and chair of the Missouri legislature’s Joint Committee on Agriculture, will be joining Alford’s advisory committee.

“Congressman Alford’s commitment to taking care of our farmers and ranchers is an inspiration to not only the 4th congressional district, but all of Missouri. I am proud to be a part of his advisory committee and look forward to working with his team as the year progresses,” Haffner said.

Another state representative will be joining Haffner on the committee as well: Rep. Willard Haley, a farmer and retired agriculture teacher. He serves on the Agriculture Policy and Conservation and Natural Resources committees.

“As the Farm Bill approaches, it is crucial that all stakeholders have a voice in the fight. That’s exactly what Congressman Alford is ensuring. I look forward to working with Team Alford and the other agricultural experts to make sure Missouri’s needs are met,” Haley said.

The rest of the advisory committee is composed of 20 members from all over Missouri. These members range in profession. Many are farmers or leaders in different agriculture based groups and businesses.

These professionals will all provide Alford with strategic agricultural knowledge from their respective fields and provide advice on agriculture legislation in the House of Representatives, especially with the 2023 Farm Bill.

A full list of the people joining Alfords committee can be found below:

  • Brandon Thiel, Saline County: Corn and Soybean Farmer, Missouri Corn Growers Association Board Member


  • Brent Sandidge, Saline County: Hog Farmer, Past Chairman of Missouri Pork Association


  • Brian Lehman, Morgan County: Corn Farmer


  • Brice Fischer, Bates County: Cattle and row crop operation, Pioneer Seed Salesman, Missouri Corn Growers Association Board of Directors


  • David Dick, Pettis County: current Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President


  • Dustin Stanton, Boone County : Co-Owner and Operator of Stanton Brothers Eggs


  • Garrett Riekhof, Lafayette County: Corn and Soybean Farmer


  • Jamie Johansen, Laclede County: Helps manage her family operation-  JD Bellis Family Herefords and 5J Charolais


  • Jim Hertzog, Bates County: owner of MO-KAN Livestock Auction


  • Jim Sherrell, Camden County: President of Industrial Maintenance and Mechanical Services LLC, Owner of Diamond S. Limousin Farms


  • Linda Niendick, Lafayette County: diversified producer


  • Marc Allison, Dade County:  operates Allison Farms


  • Martin Bunton, Barton County: President of Seed and Farm Supply in Lamar, MO


  • Representative Mike Haffner, Cass County: Missouri State Representative, Chair of the Agriculture Policy Committee and Christmas Tree Farmer


  • Robbie Lefevre, Vernon County: Farmer


  • Ronnie Russell, Ray County: Soybean producer, Missouri Soybean Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee for American Soybean


  • Sharon Arnold, Bates County: Bob and Sharon Arnold farms, Missouri Farm Bureau District 4 State Board Member


  • T. Bruce Mershon, Johnson County: Cattle producer, previous Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President


  • Todd Hertzog, Bates County: Hertzog Meat Company, Summit Feeders Cattle Company and MO-KAN Livestock Auction


  • Tom Oelrichs, Pettis County: Dairy Farmer, previous Chairman of Missouri Dairy Association


  • Trent Drake, Polk County: Owner of Drake Farmers and President of Polk County Farm Bureau


  • Representative Willard Haley, Morgan County: Missouri State Representative, Farmer, and Retired Agriculture Teacher