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Aune announces bid for Minority Floor Leader

State Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat representing House District 14, has announced her bid for Minority Floor Leader for the 2025–26 legislative session in a press release last week.

Rep. Crystal Quade, who represents HD-132 in Springfield, has held the position for the past four years. Under Quade’s leadership, House Democrats have increasingly grown in relevancy. They picked up three seats in the 2022 midterms, chipping away at the Republican supermajority and increasing Democrat seats to 52. This is the largest share of seats Democrats have had in just over a decade.

Aune plans to keep the trend going. Per her release, she stated that “House Democrats intend to end the Republican supermajority in 2024 by flipping at least three more seats—and that’s just the beginning,” Aune said. “Continuing this momentum into 2025 and beyond will require bold leadership with a deep understanding of where our caucus has been and where our collective strength lies.”

Aune served in a variety of roles for the Democratic caucus this past session, including minority whip and communications chair for the House Democratic Campaign Committee. She also served as a ranking member of the Emerging Issues Committee.

In the past, Aune also served on other committees, including Rules – Legislative Oversight, Special Committee on Small Business, and Downsizing State Government.

Aune talked about her fellow members in her press release. “I have always put the priorities of caucus members and their communities first and foremost—supporting candidates in tough races like my own through fundraising, candidate recruitment, and field strategy,” Aune said. “Our strength as a caucus lies in our incredible diversity and continued ability to come together and solve the biggest challenges facing Missourians—from Kansas City to the boot heel.”

Outside of the General Assembly, Aune is a businesswoman. She owns Propel Creative Studio – a marketing agency in Kansas City.

Democrats will elect House Leadership positions after the 2024 general elections next November.

The full press release can be read here.