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Greitens puts freeze on all ‘job-killing’ regulations with executive order

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Just 24 hours after being sworn in, Gov. Eric Greitens has signed another executive order.

On Tuesday, the governor appeared in a Facebook video, standing in his office, surrounded by boxes which he said were full of regulations that Missourians have to deal with.

Gov. Greitens said his latest executive order will immediately freeze all regulations, while also ordering every state agency to do a complete review of “every regulation they have on the books”.

“I said in the campaign that our number one priority was more jobs and higher pay for the people of Missouri,” he said. “Burdensome regulations actually hurt businesses and they hurt working families across the state Missouri.”

“We came here to cut government and to help you,” he continued. “If those regulations aren’t helping the people of Missouri, we’re going to cut them.”

The executive order was the second in his short tenure of office Greitens has put his signature to. Just minutes after taking the oath of office Monday, he signed an order banning his staff from taking lobbyist gifts and placing a ban on his staff from lobbying the governor’s office while he holds it.