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Parson garners near historic job approval among republican voters

In a party that agrees on very little these days, one thing Missouri republicans seemingly agree on is their support for Governor Mike Parson. 

In a recent SLU/You Gov poll Parson has increased his approval rating to  85% amongst republcians, up again from February. His overall his approval rating was +10% with 52% approving vs. 42% disapproving of the job he has done as Governor. 

Further, Parson has a 49% approval rating among independents, with only 11% of democrats not approving of his job performance. However, 28% of African-Americans approve of the job he has done as Governor. 

On the economy 74% of Missourians rated Missouri’s economy as fair or better compared to just 44% rating the national economy as fair or better. 

Parson’s increasing popularity could be tied to his recent actions on the border crisis. 75% of Missourians said they believe there is a crisis at the border, and that it should solved “immediately”. 

Only 37% of Missourians approved of President Biden’s job performance contrasted with a 45% job approval of the Missouri Legislature. 

In the race for Governor, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and House Minority Leader Crystal Quade hold double digit leads in their primaries. 

In a series of questions Missourians also respond overwhelmingly favorably to school choice and open enrollment options. 

The survey was conducted from February 14th to February 26th and surveyed 900 likely Missouri voters with a margin of error of 3.74%. The full poll can be read here: