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House leadership says dismissal of trial allows Greitens to ‘share his side of the facts’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Leadership in the Missouri General Assembly pointed out that the legislature is separate from the circuit court following the dismissal of the invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens.

Senate leadership took the opportunity to reaffirm their call for resignation while House leadership said the Republican Governor can share his side of the facts.

“The legislature is a separate and a co-equal branch of government with a separate responsibility entrusted to it by our Constitution. We owe it to Missourians to have a fair and thorough investigation of the facts,” House Speaker Todd Richardson, House Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr, and House Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo said in a joint statement. “To date, the committee’s work has not only provided two reports on the facts to the General Assembly but, more importantly, it has also exposed additional concerns relating to the governor’s conduct. This is why we remain committed to that process and await any recommendations it has for the House.  Without the pending trial this week, it allows the Governor to take advantage of our open offer to share his side of the facts.”

“The dismissal of the felony invasion of privacy charge does not change the facts that have been revealed to the Missouri House of Representative’s Special Investigative Committee on Oversight,” Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard and Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe in a joint statement. “The House’s investigation and the Circuit Attorney’s case are two separate paths. The members of the House committee have discovered a disturbing pattern of allegations, most of which are completely separate from the case dismissed today. They need time to finish their investigation. We now hope the governor and his staff are more forthcoming with the facts, and they decide to appear before the special investigative committee. The governor has lost the moral authority and the ability to lead the state going forward, and we reaffirm our call that he resign immediately.”