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Jost named Executive Editor of The Missouri Times


The Missouri Times named Ashley Jost the newly created post of Executive Editor this week.

Ashley 056
Ashley Jost

The position is a melting pot of the different managerial and content-related duties Jost has done during the past several months for The Missouri Times, including the organization of online content and designing the pages and graphics for the print issues as well as online graphics.In addition, Jost will now be responsible for effectively working with the staff to collaborate on story budgets, and will be responsible for assignments among other things.

“Ashley has been doing most of these things already,” Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn said. “Since we brought her on in February she’s really done some great work, like the redesign of the printed paper and finding different ways to drive web traffic.”

Faughn said he is grateful for Jost’s work with design, in-depth and regular content, social media and the new website design that will be unveiled in the coming weeks, all while still being a full-time student at Truman State University.

“We’ve been so excited to see the changes she’s already started to make and I look forward to seeing what else she has in store,” Faughn added.

Jost said she’s excited about her new title and she’s looking forward to working on the different projects lined up for the summer.

During the past two days, she said she’s started a Tumblr blog for The Missouri Times because “more social media exposure never hurts,” she said. She also worked on creating a rolling document of legislation that Gov. Jay Nixon has taken action on, which provides the final vote count numbers on vetoed bills so readers can get an understanding of what could potentially be overridden.

“We have a lot of good ideas in our arsenal,” Jost said. “It’s just going to be a matter of using our manpower to make those ideas come to life these next few weeks.”

Jost said if she had to pick one upcoming project she’s most excited about, it would be the new website design.

“We’ve got this really great theme that’s so user-friendly and it addresses a lot of the concerns I’ve heard from other people,” she said. “Plus, we’ve had a lot of help with the coding so we haven’t had to take too much time away from focusing on our content.”

While she said the paper has “proved itself” in many capacities so far, Jost said there are many more opportunities that The Missouri Times will be able to hone in on during the interim with more time and potentially additional help.

To contact Ashley Jost, email, or via Twitter at @ajost.