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Missouri Republican Party hires Danielle Finley to fill the position of communications director


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Republican Party has named a new Communications Director, Danielle Finley. Finley received her BA in Corporate Communications from Lindenwood University and her MA in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations from Webster University. She most recently served in the Trump Administration in the Office of Presidential Correspondence.

“Finley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her to the MRP. I look forward to working with her on effectively communicating our message to voters in 2020,” said Jean Evans, Executive Director for the Missouri Republican Party. Evans added that Finley will start immediately.

“I am delighted to welcome Danielle Finley to the Missouri Republican Party as our new Communications Director”, said Kay Hoflander, MRP Chair. “She comes to us straight from the Trump White House and will be a tremendous asset to our Election 2020 efforts. She brings a strong educational background and hands-on training in mass media, public affairs, Constitutional law, advertising and marketing.”