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Munzlinger urges votes against Amendment 3, citing concerns of eminent domain violations


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The departing chairman of the Missouri Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources is weighing in on the issue of medical marijuana and the ballot measures being put before Missouri voters on November 6.

Sen. Brian Munzlinger, a Republican from District 18, says that while he hasn’t taken a position on any of the proposals until now, he has some concerns with some of the pieces of one particular ballot initiative: Amendment 3.

“I find several provisions in Amendment 3 very troubling,” said Sen. Munzlinger.

Amendment 3, also known as the “Find the Cures” initiative, is the measure supported by Springfield lawyer and physician Brad Bradshaw.

Under that proposal, the state would create a Biomedical Research and Drug Development Institute, a new government institution run by a nine-person board that Bradshaw himself would lead.

Out of the three measures, Bradshaw’s calls for the highest tax: 15 percent, going toward the new research institute.

“Most concerning is language that threatens private property owners by abusing eminent domain laws and actually expanding the power of eminent domain in our Missouri Constitution for a research campus,” Munzlinger said.

Munzlinger points to specific language found in Section 6, subsection (i), which states: “As funds become available, the Land Acquisition Board shall have authority to negotiate, acquire, and purchase property for the research campus. The Land Acquisition Board may use any and all legal means to acquire and purchase such property for the campus.”

“No one should be allowed to take your property without your consent and just compensation,” Munzlinger said. “For that reason, I urge my fellow Missourians to vote NO on Amendment 3.”