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Opinion: Antifa wants to defund police; we cannot let that happen

Few people seem to understand what groups like Antifa truly want: the downfall of the United States. President Trump is right to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization; the group has made its true colors known in recent weeks as a force pushing for the destruction of American society. Antifa is a radical communist group that wants to see our police officers out of the way, our Constitution torn to shreds, and our freedom destroyed.

The liberal Democrats are playing right into Antifa’s hands in their cry to “defund the police.” I realize some say this rallying point doesn’t actually mean to defund our police – but if you look into the masses preaching this craziness, that is exactly what they are asking for. Funny how the same people who want to defund the police are the same ones who are instigating the riots and looting and ripping our cities apart. Make no mistake, their efforts to disband the police are so there will be no one left to stop them.

Don’t believe me? Just look at what happened in Seattle when the looters forced police out of a few square blocks. Now CHAZ, or CHOP, or whatever this group is calling themselves now, is threatening business owners and intimidating residents. Meanwhile, the liberal leaders of the city are catering to this craziness and encouraging these communists. Even though they literally burned down a Seattle police precinct, took it over, and are still there, they accommodate them! Let that sink in. Unbelievable.

We cannot let this movement spread. It’s no secret that the end game of communism would be the downfall of the United States and an end of freedom. Calls to defund the police are actually calls for a communist overthrow — get rid of the police, and there is no one to stop the Antifa terrorists from exporting their destruction all over the country.

That is why I am against defunding our police. I will stand by our officers and law enforcement that protect our society. We must uphold law and order. Our police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us, and we need to stand by them. People don’t realize that Antifa poses a real threat to our nation. Clearly, they hate everything that has to do with America and the Constitution. They don’t just want to reform society, they want to tear it all down. To them, democracy and representative government is just an impediment on their road to total anarchy. It is incredibly unfortunate that the peaceful protests and thoughtful discussions and policy changes that are occurring across our great country are being completely overshadowed by the criminal activity of these groups. They don’t care about liberty, equality, justice, or any of the fundamental ideas that are the roots of America; they care only about power and using violence to acquire it.

We cannot tolerate such evil in society. Even as we pursue justice and reforms in our legal system, we have to recognize that our Constitutional framework of representative government is the greatest guardian of peace, security, and liberty in the world. We are a nation of law and order not beheld to the arbitrary demands of the mob.