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Opinion: Iran Must Pay for Its Destabilizing Actions

Pull back the curtain on the October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel and you will find Iran.  Iran is using its terrorist proxies, including Hamas and the Houthis, to spread violence and unrest in the Middle East.  

 Hamas invaded Israel on the morning of October 7 and its barbaric acts included slaughtering families, beheading babies and burning its victims alive.  Hamas also took hostages back to its terrorist tunnels in Gaza.  These terrorists are still using the hostages and innocent Gazans as human shields to wage a propaganda campaign against Israel and those who are standing with Israel in this fight against evil. 

 Hamas is not the victim.  Hamas is the aggressor being financially propped up by Iran. 

 Americans must continue to stand with Israel.  Iran wants to see Israel wiped off the map and calls this country “the Little Satan.”  Iran refers to the U.S. as “the Great Satan.” It’s imperative Americans continue to stand with our Israeli brothers and sisters and support them in their time of need.  We also need to urge Congress to stand strong and support our ally.  Congress must pass a robust security assistance package before the end of the year to support Israel in this war against Hamas.  

 The vast majority of Missouri’s elected leaders in Congress are strong supporters of a robust U.S. – Israel relationship except one individual. It’s sad one of the loudest Hamas cheerleaders in the U.S. House is from Missouri. Cori Bush is out of touch with her district and Missourians on this and many issues. Cori Bush’s dangerous cheerleading efforts can’t change the fact that the Iranian terrorist proxy Hamas started this war with its brutal attacks on innocent Israelis.

 Iran should face severe consequences for unleashing its terrorist proxies to target Israel, and the U.S. House has taken action to do just this.  On November 3rd the House passed the Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum Act or the SHIP Act by a bipartisan vote of 342 to 69.  The measure now awaits action in the U.S. Senate.  The SHIP Act cuts Iran off from its main source of revenue, oil.  The bill also targets ports in China and elsewhere with sanctions for processing Iranian oil.  This is one measure Congress should pass to hold Iran accountable for its destabilizing actions by cutting off its main source of revenue to fund its terrorists’ proxies like Hamas and the Houthis.  

 The Biden Administration can send a message to Iran and its terrorist proxies by redesignating the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization.  This Iran proxy group has been emboldened since October 7th and is now routinely launching drones targeting U.S. naval vessels in the Red Sea hoping to expand Israel’s war with Hamas beyond the Gaza Strip.  The administration made a grave mistake when they delisted the Houthis from the U.S. Terror List.  It’s time the Houthis are called out for their terrorist activities and designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S.  

Israel is defending its people from Iran’s terrorist proxy and doing what is necessary to get the hostages released from the vile hands of Hamas.  Israel is the one shining light of freedom in the Middle East.  As long as Iran and its terrorist proxies continue to threaten Israel and its people, Israel will do what is necessary to defeat this evil and protect its people and homeland.  The U.S. must continue to stand with our ally Israel while also taking steps to cut off Iran from revenue it uses to fund its terrorists’ proxies like Hamas and the Houthis