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Show me Missourah-Rivalries launches at Wellington-Napoleon High School

“Show Me Missourah”, the podcast hosted by The Missouri Times founder Scott Faughn, where he talks about the state’s history for each county, has a new video component.

“Show me Missourah- Rivalries” is the new component where Show Me Missourah staff will travel all over the state to find the best high school rivalries. Players, coaches, school board members, community members, boosters, etc. are all a part of this show that showcases some of the most exciting aspects of towns and cities. The goal is to show off and celebrate not Missouri’s best schools, but the athletes and the rivalries that make Missouri schools such special places.

The first episode of “Show me Missourah- Rivalries” aired Tuesday, May 10, featuring the high school Class-2 girls basketball state champions, Wellington-Napoleon.

Wellington-Napoleon returned to the state championship to face Ellington, after falling short to them last year in the state championship. Though winning the state championship this year by 21 points, head coach Andy Hampton had to say that “There is never an easy time to breathe until the final horn goes off, but our girls were extremely motivated in that game”.

The community is something that the Superintendent of the state champions, Mindy Hampton, Rep. of the 53rd district Terry Thompson, and one of the biggest boosters for the school, alumni Chad Nadler, are most proud of. Being a school with only 400 students from kindergarten through high school, the community plays an extremely large part in athletics and the school system overall.

“As soon as we get to districts the fire department comes and escorts the players out of town with lights, spraying water across the highway, we line the highway with cheering and signs”. Mindy Hampton continued “When you get down to state, I know I watched class-4 and class-5 on T.V. the next weekend, but they did not have near the fans we had as a clas-2. The entire town was down there”.

Four of the players from the state championship team, Ayden and Bree Shannon, Alison Dehn, and Kelsi Best were also featured on this week’s episode. ” It is probably most of our team’s favorite memories throughout both seasons, just going down there and having fun and being with each other” Said Senior Ayden Shannon when asked about their trip to the state championship game.

David Twente, school board president, and alumni talked about the history of the school and the “remarkable community support” that the school receives each year.

“I am beyond excited to not just meet the great people that make up Missourah, but to bring to light some of the great rivalries and traditions many of these schools have that make them such special places,” said Scott Faughn.

To watch the full first episode, or to find new episodes when they air, click here.