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“Uncommon Sense” with Cass Bowen to debut Sept. 3 on KWTO

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated Cass Bowen was the former chief of communications for state Sen. Eric Burlison. Bowen still serves in that role.

Springfield, Mo. — The Springfield area will soon have a new voice to listen to on Saturday mornings. Cass Bowen, the communications director for the Eric Burlison congressional campaign, will join 93.3 KWTO with her own show.

Bowen has named the show “Uncommon Sense” and describes the program as “focusing on politics and social issues through the lens of a Midwestern Christian conservative 20-something.”

Conservative radio shows are not an untapped market in Missouri by any means. However, Bowen feels like she can provide something more than the average conservative radio talk.

In Bowen’s view, she thinks she can bridge the gap between the younger generation she belongs to and the older generations who often find themselves listening to talk radio shows.

“I’ll be able to show older generations cultural conversations,” she said. “While also staying on the pulse of what’s happening in Jefferson City.”

Bowen’s identity as a woman radio host also makes her a novelty in the land of media pundits.

“I want to show there are 20-something conservative women who want to speak out,” she said.

Bowen touts that the show will have a “diverse group of guest interviews,” including Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, who will be her first guest. Bowen said she plans to bring on guests with opposing views as well in an effort to debate in good faith.

“I will bring people with the opposite viewpoint as me,” she said. “I feel like civil discourse is a lost art, the ability to respectfully disagree.”

Bowen’s show will focus primarily on social and cultural issues while bringing in guests to discuss legislation and policy to inform her listeners

“Cultural issues that are being politicized, that’s my bread and butter,” she said. “Most people don’t realize — state and local government affects their lives way more than national level does.”

Starting on Sept. 3, Bowen will fill the airwaves at 10 a.m. every Saturday morning. Her show will be available on 93.3 FM and 560 AM as well as the KWTO app.

Bowen plans to feature President Biden’s recent decision on student loan forgiveness and the Missouri Legislature’s special session as key issues to kick off her show’s life.

Featured Image Courtesy of Cass Bowen/Twitter