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White to vie for Assistant Majority Floor Leader


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — After two years in the upper chamber, Sen. Bill White is gunning for the position of Assistant Majority Floor Leader next legislative session.

“I am seeking this position because of my desire to have the floor activity run in a professional, judicious, and courteous manner,” the Republican senator said in a letter. “For the Assistant Majority Floor Leader to properly support the Majority Floor Leader, and the rest of the Senate, it is important that he or she has knowledge of the bills being heard and the procedures and rules of the Senate to avoid and thwart the machinations of those subverting our legislation.”

White said his goal in the position would be ensuring fair proceedings on the Senate floor. 

“While we may have different individual priorities and goals in the legislation we support, it is imperative that the Senate floor operates in a fair and equitable manner respecting each senator’s ability to pursue legislation and express his or her self,” he said. “It is therefore important to have a person in the position that is on the floor observing the debate and with the knowledge of the procedures and rules to be able to pause and, where appropriate, counteract attempts to inappropriately use the procedures to frustrate our legislature.”

White said his history as an attorney and his time spent on the floor would make him a good candidate for the position, and he is comfortable with rules and procedures, interpretation of the law, and applying it to different situations.  

White was elected to the Senate in 2018 after serving four terms in the House. He serves as the chairman of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. Outside of the General Assembly, he has worked as an attorney and served in various volunteer and elected positions in his home community of Joplin. He also served as a Marine and is a member of the Marine Corps League and the Naval Institute.

The position is currently held by Sen. Wayne Wallingford who is term-limited in the Senate. 

Read White’s announcement letter below.