Funds flood in before campaign limit deadline


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s new law on campaign contribution limits has been in effect for just a couple of days, but not before a flood of funds washed in. The new law went into effect on Thursday, Dec. 8, but more than $7 million in contributions have been reported since Dec. 1.

All of these contributions, adding up to a $7,152,696.89 total, were received before the effective date, meaning they are still legal contributions.

Sixty-eight contributions were filed on the day before the new law took effect, which accounted for $4.5 million of the donations.

Of the 138 donations in the nine-day span, 11 of those donations came from Republican donor and Joplin businessman David Humphreys, who accounted for $2.2 million. The second largest number of donations came from the Herzog Contracting Corp., which contributed four donations amounting to $350,000. Another $250,000 contribution from Herzog Railroad Services went to the Greitens for Missouri campaign.

In fact, the largest number of contributions went to Greitens for Missouri, which amassed a total of $2,534,860.00 since Dec. 1.

The majority of other contributions went to the campaigns of Eric Schmitt, Josh Hawley, Mike Parson and Jay Ashcroft, all Republican victors in the statewide office races in the November general election.

However, as the deadline went into effect, just one exchanging of funds has been made since Dec. 8th. That was the moving of $37,015.11 from Russ Carnahan’s old committee to the new Russ Carnahan for Missouri committee.



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