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Walker hopes to champion health care issues in House

Walker hopes to champion health care issues in House

ST. LOUIS – Representatives in the General Assembly come from all walks of life. In the Democratic caucus alone, there are electricians, teachers, attorneys, union leaders and many other professions. However, should Cora Faith Walker, a 31-year-old attorney from Ferguson, win her primary in August, as it’s widely believed she will, that side of the

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Ed Martin tries to drag Roe into Eagle Forum mess

As the career of Missouri politico Jeff Roe is skyrocketing, Ed Martin is ensnared in another scandal. Now Martin is attempting to save himself by trying to drag Roe into the mess at Eagle Forum. ST. LOUIS – Eagle Forum, founded in 1972 by Phyllis Schlafly, has spiraled out of control since the hiring of Ed

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Humphreys continues war on Republicans, launches new anti-union ad campaign

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With the failure of last year’s Right-to-Work bill to make it into law and the stagnation of the paycheck protection bill currently in the House, unions appear victorious on key battles the last two sessions despite a Republican supermajority. But a new development indicates the Humphreys family will only ramp up their


Ashcroft to earn support from Huckabee

WILLARD, Mo. – Jay Ashcroft, one of two Republican candidates for Missouri Secretary of State, has earned an endorsement for his campaign. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will speak on behalf of Ashcroft at the First Annual Faith and Freedom Festival to be held on the Ashcroft family farm in Willard, Mo. in June. “For


Greitens speaks out on SJR 39, ultimately opposes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Forty-one days after the Senate set a record for the longest filibuster in state history, Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens has made a statement on SJR 39 to The Missouri Times saying he supports “religious liberties and freedoms of all Missourians,” while also supporting “ensured non-discrimination.” “As a Navy SEAL, I was proud

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Delegate selection leads to schism in Missouri GOP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When the Missouri Republican Party held their county caucuses across the state April 9, they selected slates of delegates that will go to the state and congressional districts to vote for the final delegates sent to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this summer. But some Republicans, namely supporters of real estate

April 2016 Quarterly Filings: State Treasurer

Committee Name Contributions Total Receipts This Election Expenditures Money on Hand Indebtendness SCHMITT FOR MISSOURI $612,852.00 $2,584,002.60 $384,099.69 $2,598,449.19 $0.00 DR DAN BROWN FOR TREASURER $15,600.00 $15,600.00 $1,582.29 $14,017.71 $0.00 CONTRERAS FOR TREASURER $43,856.09 $212,861.25 $85,782.42 $108,739.31 $0.00 BAKER FOR MISSOURI $52,185.00 $148,345.00 $30,024.00 $118,321.00 $3,750.00

April 2016 Quarterly Filings: Governor

Committee Name Contributions Total Receipts This Election Expenditures Indebtendness Money on Hand KOSTER FOR MISSOURI $2,169,808.82 $11,013,653.37 $3,280,524.16 $39,891.82 $7,446,359.80 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI $1,015,728.77 $5,249,940.65 $1,101,528.52 $26,300.73 $4,130,296.79 MISSOURIANS FOR JOHN BRUNNER $150,611.90 $4,635,497.11 $1,285,536.55 $3,000,000.00 $3,235,814.60 HANAWAY FOR GOVERNOR, INC $254,250.00 $2,728,483.40 $796,386.31 $0.00 $1,581,464.54 MISSOURIANS FOR PETER KINDER $328,295.33 $932,694.72 $371,351.38 $67,269.70 $624,521.56