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Pruitt says EPA will soon have plan for West Lake Landfill


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – There may be some good news for ongoing saga developing over the West Lake Landfill.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said that the agency will soon have a plan regarding the West Lake Landfill just outside of St. Louis.

When asked by Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt about the “number of toxic dumps left on your plate,” Pruitt brought up St. Louis’ toxic waste concerns.

“In fact, Ainsley, you said these sites across the country have some of the uranium and lead, posing great risk to the citizens in those areas. And examples where the EPA just had — didn’t take any steps at all. We have a site just outside of St. Louis called West Lake that’s taken the EPA 27 years just to make a decision. Not to clean it up, but just to make a decision on what should be done to clean it up. That’s unacceptable.”

The news comes just days after the end of Missouri’s legislative session when the General Assembly effectively killed SB 22, the bill filed by Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal which sought to buy out homes affected by the landfill.

Pruitt said it was the EPA’s job to provide leadership to clean up those sites.

“Actually set a goal and to say 1,322 sites is unacceptable. 27 years to make a decision is unacceptable. Let’s get St. Louis cleaned up.”

He said that the EPA will soon have a plan in place and that they are very focused on West Lake. He also said the cleanup would be funded primarily by private funds dedicated to cleaning up those sites.