Greitens encourages Senate to pass House version in abortion special session


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As members of the Senate prepare to return in the coming weeks to take up legislation once again in the second extraordinary session, Governor Eric Greitens, it seems, definitely has a preference on which version he’d like to see make it across the finish line.

“I like the House version better than what came out of the Senate,” Greitens told members of the media on Thursday. “I encourage our senators to stand strong and to just get that House version passed. The House did a great job standing up for pregnancy care centers and we want to make sure that our senators stand up for the cause of pro-life and follow the lead of the House.”

When asked why he liked the House version better, Greitens said that there were a couple of reasons that he liked it more.

“One, it had really robust protections for our pregnancy care centers. It also had some common sense health and safety standards for the people of Missouri,” he said. “I also thought they did a really good job of making sure they followed through.”

“My duty is to protect life. We always make sure that we find a way to protect life,” Greitens continued. “And these pregnancy care centers do fantastic work on behalf of pregnant women and newborn children all over the state of Missouri. They work with women who survive domestic violence, women who have been kicked out of their homes, and they make sure that they get free medical care after their children are born, and they make sure that they have access to education, shelter, and help them with job training, and help those families get a good start in life.”

It sounds like it may be awhile before that legislation moves anytime soon, as sources tell the Missouri Times that the Senate is most likely not going to convene in full force until after the 4th of July holiday.

“I want the Senate to take action,” Greitens said. “It’s important to get this work done on behalf of the pregnancy care centers, so I want to see the Senators stand up and take action as quickly as possible.”