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A conversation with Rocky Miller


By Irl Scissors, Missourians for a Balanced Energy Future

We recently spoke to House Utilities Chair, Rocky Miller who previously attended the Southern States Energy Board briefing to the Southern Legislative Conference attendees in Biloxi, MS. The conferees include legislators from neighboring southern states where they convene to discuss a myriad of issues impacting the region.

Rep. Miller serves as a member of the Southern States Energy Board, along with Rep. Tim Remole. The SSEB meeting was also attended by Senator Ed Emery. Rep. Miller was charged with providing Missouri’s energy update where he summed it up in this Tweet:

I asked him about this post and he said:

“Southern states are definitely open to new ideas on power and they are kicking our butts on industrial rates. We are provided a thick binder with energy legislative actions taken by each state, Missouri’s didn’t even take up a single page!”

He went onto respond that the two main reasons that Missouri is far behind our southern neighbors are 1) Our utility infrastructure and regulations are antiquated; and 2) the inability of the Missouri General Assembly, more directly the Missouri Senate to pass any significant legislation in that area.

As House Utilities Chair, Rep. Miller said he plans to introduce and/or hear “all the tools in the toolbox” to address Missouri’s recurring energy issues.

“A solution and a way forward to address Missouri’s energy needs can be achievable,” said Miller.

We thank Rep. Miller for his time and wish him good luck next session.