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Representative-elect Revis talks his win on This Week in Missouri Politics


Mike Revis turned a red district blue this past week, the first time a Democrat has accomplished such a special election feat in fourteen years.

The Representative-elect joins Scott Faughn on This Week in Missouri Politics to talk his success and looking forward to his time in the Missouri House.

“We energized a lot of people,” Revis said. “We did it through grassroots.

He will hit the ground running when sworn in this month, “My biggest thing and my first priority will be protecting and defending the rights of working people.”

One of the biggest questions is how long he will hold on his seat and if this victory will lead to a blue wave in the regular election this fall.

A topic the Opinion Maker Panel — consisting of Jeffrey Mittman, Jeff Roorda, and Reps. Nick Schroer and Becky Ruth — dives into, amongst other big topics of the week.

“As we go into this next election cycle, Republicans will likely face a more competitive cycle than what we’ve seen before,” Ruth said.

Tune in and don’t miss the panel talk Raise the Age, tax reform, the Senate utility compromise bill and more.

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