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Roden unsuccessful in adding ‘Champ’s Law’ as amendment to service dog bill


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri House almost got another chance to debate governor-championed “Champ’s Law” when it was offered as an amendment to a bill dealing with service dogs. It was ultimately ruled to be outside the scope of the underlying legislation.

The bill up for perfection was Rep. Chrissy Sommer’s HB 2031 which deals with the issues relating to “fake” service dogs.

“There is a trend where some people try to disguise their pets as service dogs. This is causing a lot of problems,” said Sommer.

“Fake service dogs are a safety issue for the public and legitimate service dogs.”

Her bill would make impersonating a service dog for the purpose of receiving accommodations afforded under the Americans with Disabilities Act a class C misdemeanor.

Rep. Shane Roden offered an amendment that would have increased the penalties injuring a law enforcement animal. Champ’s Law, backed by Gov. Eric Greitens, was previously rejected by the House earlier in session as a standalone bill.

Rep. Tracy McCreery called point of order on the amendment, saying it was outside the scope of the bill title.  

“A law enforcement animal, or a service dog, or police dog or animal all offer services. They offer a service to the community,” Roden argued.

The point of order was well taken and the amendment was rejected.