Campaign advocating for fuel tax increase launches statewide ad campaign


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The first advertisement supporting increasing Missouri’s motor fuel tax hit airwaves this week with less than one month until voters take to the polls., a coalition backing Proposition D, launched the advertisement entitled “Makes Sense” on Wednesday advocating for Missourians to approve a referendum that will increase funding for the state’s aging transportation infrastructure.

“This is the launch of a robust statewide advertising campaign for Prop D for Safer Roads and Safer Streets, and the TV ad is being seen in every Missouri market and the radio ad campaign is also statewide. Our coalition is spreading the word, with both paid advertising and grassroots contacts with citizens, that it is time to regain our purchasing power for roads and bridges through constitutionally designated, regularly audited funding authorized by a YES vote on Prop D,” said Scott Charton, Communications Director for

Prop D is a referendum sent to the voters by the Missouri General Assembly. The ballot question seeks a 10 cent increase to the states’ motor fuel tax, the establishment of the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund, and tax exemptions for Olympic prizes.

The main focus of the ballot measure is the motor fuel tax increase. If approved, the tax would rise from 17 cents now to 27 cents in 2022, which would still be below the national average.

The last time Missourians approved a tax increase on fuel was in more than 20 years ago. Since then there have been several attempts to increase funding for roads and bridges but the increase has been voted down at the ballot box.

The advertisement highlights rumble strips, guardrails, highway dividers, and safer bridges as a benefit of passing the measure.

“It just makes sense to ensure life saving safety improves to our roads and highways,” the ad states. “Let’s start repairing Missouri’s 2,000 bridges in poor or weight restricted condition…Prop D is a bargain to keep my family and yours safer.”