OSAGE BEACH, Mo. — The largest agricultural organization in Missouri has once again chosen Blake Hurst as their leader.

A corn and soybean farmer by trade, Hurst was first elected as the Missouri Farm Bureau’s 14th president on December 7, 2010. He will continue on in that position for another two years following Tuesday’s re-election.

“I will promise to you that I will make a lot of mistakes in the next few years. I will promise you I will do things you wish I wouldn’t. But this morning at the Young Farmer breakfast, as we watched a short film clip [about] Tyler and Victoria’s farm, and it reminded me again that’s why all your board of directors, that’s why all of us do this because there is some young farmer starting out their career with a wondering future ahead of them and this organization can make a positive difference in their lives,” said Hurst. “And that is what I try to do every day. So, please forgive me my mistakes because I have your best interest at heart and always will.”

Hurst was the only person nominated for the position and was approved by the body as a whole. He previously served as a district board member on the Missouri state board for eight years, and served seven years as Missouri Farm Bureau’s Vice President.

The delegates also elected five new board members to two-year terms. Jason Kurtz will represent District 1, Drew Lock will continue to represent District 2, Andy Clay will represent District 3, Sharon Arnold will represent District 4, and Amy Jo Estes will continue as the South Director at Large.

The election of new board members was the last item of business for the annual Missouri Farm Bureau meeting, which spanned three days.