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Opinion: A chance at a second Chance

It is rare in life when one is afforded the opportunity of a do-over and even more so in politics. What if you were given an outlook of tomorrow and saw nothing but divided communities? What if you witnessed more rising crime and disorder and a gradual decline in your favorite local businesses? Would you continue down that path?

Better yet, would you vote for that future?

It is often asked in politics – are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? How about 8 years ago? 12? After decades of governing at the behest of special interest and the well-connected, can you say that you have gotten what you voted for? Are your families safer? Are our schools growing?

How about this – is this the future that you voted for? If not, it may be time to turn the page.

Four years ago, Mark Mantovani presented a vision of unity, safety, and community growth. With a diverse coalition of longtime county residents, Mantovani galvanized voters around the message that the only voice that matters is that of the community. And only 1,100 votes kept Mark Mantovani from enacting that vision. This community has long seen its hopes and desires ignored by those who are pushing career agendas. This community has long waited for leadership that would put the people’s agenda first. So how long must a community wait for the change they wish to see?

This election cannot be about party politics alone. Politics is a serious matter and it should not be taken lightly. We need to come together and make sure that we are voting for what is best for the future of St. Louis County, not what is best for our party. In this election, we cannot just vote for a party because it has been our routine for many years. We need to vote with our conscience, not with our party affiliation. We should support a candidate that can see the best in all of us, independent of party affiliation.

Mark Mantovani has supported reasonable candidates on both the democratic and republican sides of the aisle. He walks his own line, and in a time of such divisive politics in our country, that’s the kind of courage our county presently needs now more than ever.

St. Louis County is at a crossroads and a breaking point. We need leaders who will stand against the old boy’s club and stand up for the people of this region. A continuation of business as usual will leave our community in more disarray than it is presently in. Imagine, more unrest, more businesses closing, and more of the same. Is that what your vote is worth? Is this the future for you and your family?

What if you could get that do-over? Would you vote for change? If so, Mark Mantovani presents us with that opportunity on November 8.  In continuing the legacy of my wife, the late St. Louis County Councilwoman, Hazel Erby, I’m continuing to support candidates that best reflect her hopes for a better St. Louis County.

My family and I endorse Mark Mantovani for St. Louis County Executive and hope that you will join us next Tuesday to finally bring the right kind of change to the entire region and to our St. Louis County community.