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Altercation at Lewis Reed Fundraiser, Police Involved


Ellisville, Mo. – An altercation broke out at a fundraiser for St. Louis mayoral candidate Lewis Reed that led to the police being called and Zudhi Masri, ownerReed campaign fp of Yeatman Market, claiming he was assaulted and a gun was pulled.

“I was invited to attend the fundraiser on Sunday night at the invitation of the event’s host and as a board member for the Dar-Aljalal Mosque,” Masri said. “After I arrived I was shoved and wrestled to the ground, then Abdul-Rahiim Ali pulled out what I believe was a gun.”

Ali is a St. Louis Teacher’s Union representative who was in attendance and could not be reached for comment.

However, contradicting his statement to The Missouri Times, Masri told the police that he did not see a gun, but knew Ali frequently carried a gun.

Glenn Burleigh, Reed’s campaign manager, confirms that someone attempted to enter the private fundraiser.

After the person attempted to force their way in, Burleigh says the man pushed down an elderly attendee at the fundraiser and forced their way into the home. The intruder was grabbed and forced out by those invited, and the police were called.

“I can’t emphasize strongly enough that none of our campaign staff was there. I wasn’t there, none of the staff was there, [Louis Reed] wasn’t there,” Burleigh said.

Burleigh did not comment on whether a firearm was involved in the incident.

“We had no staff there, no one, to comment on what happened,” Burleigh said. “I can’t comment because I wasn’t there.”

Sgt. Nancy Walker of the Ellisville Police Department said the incident was resolved by the time the police arrived to the scene. Walker said no arrests or follow-ups have been deemed necessary and the matter is not under investigation.

The incident is considered by some to be another in a pattern of missteps by the Reed campaign.

Richard Callow, on behalf of the campaign for current Mayor Francis Slay, said nothing good comes from a political fundraising event that generates a police report.

“If Louis Reed cannot effectively and peacefully manage his campaign, how in the world can we expect him to manage this city,” Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-5, said.

The police report is below:

reed fundraiser police report