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Axiom Strategies introduces Direct Voter Contact division


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Axiom Strategies is proud to introduce its Direct Voter Contact (DVC) division as part of its suite of services for political and corporate clients.

Nick Schulte, Vice President of Direct Voter Contact at Axiom Strategies, has been an indispensable part of the Axiom team since 2012. In that time, he has led Axiom in its direct voter contact operations, sending over 125 million mailers, making over 100 million phone calls, and serving over 200 million online impressions. Under Schulte’s leadership, Axiom’s Direct Voter Contact division has won 66 industry awards–more than any other direct mail firm in the country.

“Nick has been an essential part of our core team for 5 years and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him,” said Jeff Roe, Axiom’s founder and CEO. “Nick has formed one of the best creative teams in the business, and they are the workhorses behind many, many wins. We couldn’t be more proud to offer the best Direct Voter Contact services in the country to our clients.”


Through our work at Axiom, we can substantively shape a client’s message and brand in ways that make all the difference on a campaign or in the corporate world. What makes Axiom unique—and what is a main driver of our success—are the varying backgrounds of people on our staff and their drive to create,” said Nick Schulte, Vice President of Axiom Direct Voter Contact. “We have backgrounds in corporate finance, Hollywood, and the non-profit world, which gives us unique insight with both metrics and analytics, as well as the creative side of voter contact; our depth of experience lends a unique perspective to our work and helps us innovate. Powerful direct voter contact is behind every win.”

The unveiling of the Direct Voter Contact division comes on the heels of the formation of AxMedia, Axiom’s media buying firm. Axiom has also recently announced the acquisition of Cannon Research Group, a research firm, and Revolvis, a full-scale political consulting firm with a strong West Coast presence. With the addition of Cannon Research Group and Revolvis, Axiom Strategies now has offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle, as well as offices in Kansas City, Houston, Austin, Columbus, Annapolis, and Washington D.C.

About Nick Schulte
In March of 2012 Nick spent most of his working days in a cubicle in his hometown of St. Louis working for a large defense company, armed with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, a newly-minted MBA, and six years of experience in corporate finance. Looking for a change, Nick accepted a job working at Axiom and has worked approximately 1,000 hours per week ever since.

During his time at Axiom, Nick has experienced Axiom spin off its mail division, move it back in, become one of the largest and most acclaimed political mail firms in the country, add digital, phones, polling, and media buying to its repertoire, and grow from a regional presence to a national player.