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Baker launches bid for state Senate district 19


COLUMBIA, Mo. — Former State Representative Judy Baker of Columbia will kick off her campaign for State Senate, District 19, this Friday, November 15th at Shakespear’s Pizza South, 3911 Peachtree Dr., Columbia, MO 65203. Judy Baker has proven commitment to represent the people of Boone and Cooper counties with integrity and attention to the needs of the people in her district.

“The kickoff is our chance to connect with people interested in volunteering, supporting, and rallying for change,” Baker said.

Baker is focusing her campaign on investing in Missouri’s people. “For too long we have been represented by politicians who work for those with the means to influence their own interests over the interests of us all. As your State Senator, I know we can do better and return the focus of our legislature to supporting education, good health, and the financial well-being of the people,” Baker said.

Baker has a depth of experience at all levels of management in both government and the private sector economy that makes her the best choice to be State Senator. Judy Baker served in the Missouri House of Representatives where she was the ranking member of the budget, health care, and education committees. She was later appointed to serve as Director of Region 7 for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Baker previously taught Economics at Columbia College, as well as health policy at the University of Missouri.

Baker plans to meet and greet voters and supporters and listen to the concerns that are on their minds. “We have to dial back the insults and focus on the gritty needs of everyday life,” she said. By committing to running on a comprehensive platform of innovative policies, Baker hopes to bring new ideas to Missouri and set a course to improve the lives of our citizens. Besides pledging to promote economic empowerment, Baker said she plans to turn the tide of the growing uninsured, the high cost of higher education, and work on moving to a new energy economy that recognizes the threat of climate change.

“I worked with people in both parties while I was a state representative, and I can do it again,” she said. “I will run a campaign based on thoughtful ideas and solutions to everyday problems in Boone and Cooper counties. I have always run well in this area because of longstanding ties to the community. I can win and will win for the people of mid-Missouri.”

Baker said her campaign will be spirited and will include outreach to all parts of her district and she will host a similar event in Cooper County in the near future.

“A vote in Pilot Grove is just as important as a vote in Columbia,” she said. “So, I will be talking and listening to all of the voters in Boone and Cooper counties, in both larger and smaller communities. We are all in this together and we are all part of the solution to the dysfunction in Jefferson City.”