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Blunt speaks to House about budget and government

By Ashley Jost

Jefferson City, Mo. — Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) spoke to the House of Representatives during session this morning about government roles and federal budget issues.Blunt speech to house

During his speech, Blunt joked about no longer advising anyone in Jefferson City until all of the problems were solved throughout Washington D.C. before he spoke about the federal budget issue.

“The last time the U.S. passed a budget, nobody had an iPad,” Blunt said. “We’re going to pass a budget this time. I signed a bill, along with Sen. [Claire] McCaskill, D-MO, that said if we don’t, we don’t get paid.”

Blunt discussed what he called a lack of planning throughout Washington D.C. that has led to the current predicament the legislature faces in regards to the budget.

“I think, frankly, we know what needs to be done,” Blunt said. “The problems are big, but they’re not that complicated.”

During a trip this week to University of Missouri, Blunt said a student approached him saying not to cut any spending, but rather to prioritize the spending the government currently has.

In order to prioritize, Blunt said he thinks it’s necessary to ask two questions: whether the problem is one for the government to solve, and if yes, then what level of government would solve the issue the best.

“The rule in government is the closer you put the people who solve the problem to the problem, the more likely you’re going to see that problem solved with common sense,” he said. “The states do it better than anyone in Washington is going to do it.”

Blunt said he would be in favor of a bargain made by Congress to let the federal government take some programs, such as Medicaid, to run, and then give other programs, such as education, back to the states.

He concluded by touting the unique nature of Missouri in terms of resources and industries, quoting President Ronald Reagan and providing words of encouragement to House members.

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