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Brunner calls Greitens ‘just another liberal’

ST. LOUIS – The John Brunner campaign has released a scathing attack ad against Eric Greitens, calling the fellow Republican candidate for governor “just another liberal.”

The source-linked transcript, provided by the campaign:

Eric Greitens’ pals are lying about honest marine and businessman John Brunner

That’s because Greitens can’t explain his pro-gay marriage and pro-amnesty views. (Source)

Or applauding Barack Obama at the Democratic convention. (Source)

And Greitens praised Obama’s ‘vision and leadership’ while asking for billions more in government stimulus spending. (Source: Open Letter to Barack Obama)

No wonder Greitens planned to run for office as a Democrat. (Source)

Eric Greitens – not who you think he is. He’s just another liberal.” (Source)

The ad is paid for by the John Brunner campaign.

“Eric Greitens is a liberal attempting to con Missourians into believing he’s a conservative,” said Brunner campaign spokesman Gregg Keller. “Conservatives don’t drive cross-country to give Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill standing ovations at the Democrat National Convention; they don’t oppose SJR39, the religious liberty bill that recent failed narrowly; conservatives don’t refuse to fill out Missouri Right to Life PAC’s questionnaire and refuse to even return their phone calls; conservatives don’t keep million dollar campaign contributions from out-of-state donors suspected of sex trafficking.

“Eric Greitens has done all of these things and more – he’s a lot of things, but conservative isn’t among them.”

The ad was seen in multiple media markets across Missouri this weekend, ahead of Brunner going on his announced “Can’t Be Bought” bus tour across Missouri.

Just like a typical politician, John Brunner is not telling the truth again,” said Greitens’ campaign manager Austin Chambers. “It’s clear he will say or do anything to try to win an election. But we are confident that voters will see through his lies.”

Greitens has spent a lot of time during the campaign attempting to disprove his past as a Democrat. He was raised in St. Louis County in a Democratic family, and he was even approached by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to run against Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer.

Nearly a year ago, when Greitens first began campaigning, he wrote an editorial for Fox News explaining why he left the Democratic Party.

“As I got older, I no longer believed in their ideas,” he wrote. “Even worse, I had concluded that liberals aren’t just wrong. All too often they are world-class hypocrites. They talk a great game about helping the most vulnerable, with ideas that feel good and fashionable. The problem is their ideas don’t work, and often hurt the exact people they claim to help.”

Brunner and Greitens have butted heads multiple times over the course of the Republican gubernatorial primary. Both occupy the same niche as they each characterize themselves as veterans and businessmen, and neither has held elected office. After learning that a former Brunner staffer was behind a PAC called Patriots for America designed to attack Greitens, Greitens called Brunner in November and alleged that Brunner was a “weasel.” Brunner later released the call to the press. The two have constantly attacked each other, namely with the Greitens camp attempting to prove a working relationship between Brunner and the Patriots for America PAC, which would be illegal.

With less than a month until the August primary, the attacks are likely to get only more frequent as each candidate makes a push for the Republican nomination.