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Auditor Galloway issues highway funds audit report

Missouri State Highway Patrol in compliance with constitutionally mandated use of highway funds JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (December 15, 2017) Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released an audit of the use of highway funds by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a division of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The […]

Auditor Galloway announces legislation to require schools to notify parents in case of cyber security breach

SB 582 sponsored by Sen. Walsh continues initiative to protect students’ personal information JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (December 4, 2017) Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today announced that a bill to safeguard students’ sensitive information is among the first to be filed for the 2018 legislative session. State Sen. Gina Walsh […]

State Auditor requests dismissal in Missouri Alliance for Freedom’s Sunshine case

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Attorneys for the State Auditor are requesting the courts to dismiss the lawsuit against the office on behalf of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom. The lawsuit stems from a July civil suit seeking to compel Auditor Nicole Galloway to produce documents related to an audit of […]

How much or little does experience mean for auditor’s race?

ST. LOUIS – Following Rep. Paul Curtman’s announcement for the state auditor’s race, the panelists on Sunday’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics talked about how the former Marine Sergeant would fare against Republican David Wasinger, a respectable St. Louis accountant and lawyer, and incumbent Democrat Nicole Galloway. While […]

Auditor cites fiscal note issues, but 2017 House bill could have addressed some concerns

Rep. Hannah Kelly to file bill again in December JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Recent findings by State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office have brought into question the legislative process for estimating the financial impact proposed legislation will have on state funds. The report, issued by the Auditor’s Office on October 11, […]

Galloway: Inaccurate fiscal notes worsen ‘budget crisis in Missouri’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit report Wednesday morning, evaluating the cost to the state of tax exemptions over the past couple years and estimating their longterm effects. According to the report, many of the fiscal notes predicting the cost of a bill are inaccurate and […]

Judge hears evidence in MAF v. Auditor Sunshine law case

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lawyers submitted 18 pieces of evidence to the court this afternoon in Missouri Alliance for Freedom’s (MAF) Sunshine Law request case against Auditor Nicole Galloway. Joel Anderson and Paul Harper, attorneys representing the Auditor, filed a motion to dismiss, ask for a protective order, and a […]

Circuit Court to hear MAF, Galloway suit over Sunshine Law on Friday

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Cole County Circuit Court is expected to hear the case between the Missouri Alliance for Freedom (MAF) and Auditor Nicole Galloway on Friday. MAF filed a lawsuit in June against the Missouri Auditor and Sen. Rob Schaaf for allegedly violating the Sunshine Law. Judge Jon Beetem […]

Auditor’s office announces audit of Rams after 2 year wait

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Joan Gummels, a special advisor and representative from the state Auditor’s office announced to the Joint Committee on Legislative Research that the state will be performing an audit of the former St. Louis Rams in the next calendar year. She came to the Joint Committee on […]