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After Consideration Senator Nasheed Removes Hold on Hall’s Nomination to PSC

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – After taking an evening to further consider the matter, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, decided this morning to remove the hold she placed on Daniel Hall’s nomination to the Public Service Commission, clearing the way for a vote on his appointment next week.

“Yesterday I asked to place a hold on the nomination for further consideration,” Nasheed said. “After taking the evening to think about it I decided to remove the hold on his nomination. In the end the most important thing isn’t my ego or any of the Governor’s games, it’s about doing the right thing, and I believe allowing Daniel Hall to move forward is the right thing to do.”

Nasheed, Gov. Nixon, shaking hands at the black caucus meeting.
Nasheed, Gov. Nixon, shaking hands at the black caucus meeting.

Nasheed had placed the hold on Hall’s appointment to urge the Gov. Jay Nixon to release the Low Income Housing Tax Credit funds that the Governor withheld in a deal with Senate Republicans — led by Senator Brad Lager — in December in exchange for their allowing the ultimately unsuccessful Boeing incentive plan to move to a vote.

Hall was the former legislative director to Nixon who was appointed last year to fill a democratic seat on the Public Service Commission that was previously held by former PSC chairman Kevin Gunn.

“In the end the Governor didn’t care about his appointee who is a long time employee of his,” Nasheed said. “I just didn’t think he would care, and I didn’t feel it was the right thing to do to kill this qualified appointee in committee. While I do have the power to kill the appointment, I didn’t feel like it was right to use my power in that way.”

The reaction to Nasheed’s move has been positive.

“I’m glad to see the Governor’s nomination will come to a full vote in committee. A fully functioning PSC is important for the well-being of Missouri’s energy consumers,” Rep. Jeremy Lafaver, D-Kansas City, said.

Nasheed’s removal of the hold clears that way for a committee vote Wednesday. Lauren Hieger, Communications Director for the Senate Majority Caucus, informed The Missouri Times, “Senator Dempsey has spoken with Daniel Hall and he plans to move forward on the appointment next week”.

Nasheed has long been a champion of LIHTC redevelopment projects that are one of the main vehicles for economic activity in the St. Louis area.  The Governor’s office did not immediately return calls for comment.

Longtime opponent of tax credits, Lager, applauded Nasheed’s decision to lift her hold after saying yesterday he thought such a move was a mistake.

“I think she made the right decision and I look forward to working with her on whatever concerns she may have as we move forward,” Lager said.

Minority Leader Jolie Justus, D-Kansas City, also agreed with Nasheed’s decision as the right one.

“I have a great deal of respect for Senator Nasheed and her decision,” Justus said. “I’m excited that the path is clear for Mr. Hall’s appointment to the commission. He will be a great addition to the PSC.”

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Other Reactions:

“Sen. Nasheed has once again shown \that she is an effective statesman who is willing to fight for her residents and her beliefs.”

-Rep. Robert Cornejo.

“I’ve served with Senator Nasheed when we were in the House. She’s always worked out her issues in a reasonable way and I think her decision to lift her hold was a very senatorial one. I look forward to working with her on more issues in the future.”

-Sen. Wayne Wallingford