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Dining with Nancy: Kate & Ally’s

Since writing this column, people continually ask me if I’m a “foodie.” I am not. So, what is my expertise for this column? Truthfully, I have none other than complete and total reliance on restaurants for my existence. I do not cook. I do not want to learn to cook. I make a mean bowl of cheerios but if something requires temperature and time, I’m totally uninterested.

This attitude is a departure from my family. My mother and my sisters are incredibly comfortable in their kitchens surrounded by steaming pots and pans. Even my father doesn’t shy away from making pancakes drenched in bacon grease, frying turkeys, or smoking pork loins. Five of my family members journeyed to Jefferson City this week for a Capitol advocacy day and boarded with me for a few days. To show my hospitality, I did what I do – we went out to eat.

Kate & Ally’s NY Pizzeria was the venue for one of our dinners.  My family enjoys pizza and I chose Kate and Ally’s because it serves Chicago style pizza, which would be new to my nephews, Wyeth and Alden, and my niece, Reese. Two Chicago-style pizzas were ordered for everyone to share and my mother, sister and I ordered side salads topped with Brick House Creamy Italian dressing. Our salads of mixed greens, provel cheese, Roma tomatoes and red onions were delivered first and were quickly enjoyed. Then, to everyone’s pleasure, two steaming hot pizzas were stacked on our table. One was topped with pepperoni, hamburger and mushrooms and the other with hamburger and pineapple (a topping I’ll neither understand nor appreciate). For little people of ages 8, 6 and 3, my relatives sure can eat a lot in a hurry! photo copy

The Place

Kate & Ally’s NY Pizzeria is a family restaurant located at 1418 Missouri Boulevard. Opened in 2001, the eatery uses family recipes to deliver great tasting pizza, pastas, sandwiches and salads. Kate and Ally’s extends dine-in, carryout or delivery options. For a full listing of menu options and pricing, visit the following link:

The People 

Chelse’ served our table of 6. She was friendly, attentive, and helpful. Thanks Chelse’ for making our table experience great! In complete candor; however, I didn’t get the same feeling from the individual manning the register. We did arrive later in the evening…maybe he had a bad day.

The Product 

The pizza is great. You may choose between Chicago pan pizza, New York hand tossed, and St. Louis thin crust. If you opt for the Chicago style, allow for an extra 35 minutes of cooking time. There are several toppings from which to choose including artichoke hearts, shrimp, and giardiniera (a spicy Italian relish) and the pizza dough is made from scratch. Several pastas with sauces derived from family recipes are available in full and half sizes too.

The Price 

Chef, Caesar and house salads are priced $6.25 – $8.25. Pizzas run from $7.99 – $17.99, depending on the style and toppings you select. Pastas, hot sandwiches and cold Heros range in price from $6.49 – $9.99.

Nancy Giddens
Nancy Giddens

The Pizzazz 

Stillness. I’m not accustomed to spending significant time with kiddos and while I adore my nephews and niece, they have a lot to say and they are quite active. Once our pizza was delivered and they started devouring it, the environment became eerily peaceful, quiet and calm – which is a feat if you know Reese. The stillness certainly serves as a testament to the pizza. Great food, great conversation and a great family make me one lucky girl!