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Dining with Nancy at the Old Brick House Deli

By Nancy Giddens, The Giddens Group

One of my favorite things about summer is reading for pure enjoyment.  Yesterday, I finished a book (I’ll withhold the title to avoid spoiling it for anyone) and the lead female character proved to be a complete and utter sociopath. While I respect her cunning ability to outwit everyone surrounding her, her actions further cemented my pride in not being a stereotypical girl. I have no desire to paint the town pink. I don’t cry during sappy movies and, frankly, rarely go to see them. Do not get near me with anything penned by Nicholas Sparks. I love my dude friends and miss them when not in session (well…at least most of them).

Nancy Giddens
Nancy Giddens

My business partner, cohort and confidant Shannon Cooper ventured to Jefferson City this week to catch up on summer happenings and accomplish some items on our ever-growing work to-do list. The first item on our agenda was lunch at the Old Brick House Deli. The Old Brick House Deli was one of the first eateries I experienced after moving to Jefferson City. I might not have been certain about the move, but I was certain the Old Brick House Deli would be one of my favorite eateries… and it still is.

The Place

The Old Brick House Deli opened its doors in 2000 and consistently provides Jefferson City locals a comfortable delicatessen environment. Owned and operated by the Burkemper family, the Old Brick House Deli is located at 2421 West Edgewood in a building that since 1915 has served as a homestead, working farm, doctor’s office and now-eatery. The deli is open weekdays from 7:30 – 3:30 for breakfast, lunch, carryout and catering. The family’s vision is to provide great food and a pleasant atmosphere. They do not disappoint.

The People

Several folks work at the Old Brick House Deli and rotate between the kitchen and cash register. Dave, one of the deli’s owners, assisted Cooper and me. He was quick to greet customers and appeared to know most by name. Watching Dave interact with his “regulars” reminded me of my hometown café, sans men donning denim with plier-holders and the smell of grease permeating the air. I definitely will forego lunchtime grease to visit Dave and his team again. Thanks for a great experience, Dave!

The Product 

The food is fantastic. It is fresh and delicious. The Old Brick House Deli touts “the best salads in town.” I must agree. Lettuce tossed with homemade Brick House Creamy Italian Dressing, tomato, red onion and provel and parmesan cheeses — how could anyone say otherwise? I selected the house salad, Cooper settled on the chicken salad sandwich with Brick House Chips and we both enjoyed a Heath bar cookie for dessert. One word: delicious.

The Price

Prices range from $3.00 – $7.25, depending on selection of salads, soups, hot dogs, sandwiches and wraps. More information may be accessed via the following link:

The Pizzazz

The salad and cookie. Cooper’s visit was nice and we did prove productive post lunch. Though, our catch-up time was not overly fruitful as I was too busy devouring my salad and Heath bar cookie. There’s a sign hanging in the main seating area of the deli that states, “There’s a skinny girl who lives inside of me that’s trying to get out, but I can usually shut her up with cookies.” I’m not sure if such a skinny person exists within me or not, but I am sure about that delicious cookie!