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Dining with Nancy: Paddy Malone’s

Saint Patrick’s Day is a great holiday. Complementing its religious roots, it is a day to celebrate all things Irish – the people, the culture, the parades, and the green beer of course. While I’m not one to don green, I fully appreciate the laid-back, no-stress day that is March 17. To get a head start on festivities, Senator Ryan McKenna and I trekked mere blocks west of the Capitol to dine at his favorite watering hole, Paddy Malone’s Irish Pub.

Sen. Ryan McKenna
Sen. Ryan McKenna

Paddy’s isn’t new to me. I love it. Perhaps because it reminds me of the month I spent in Ireland or perhaps because its cheeseburger and Guinness cheese sauce make me one happy girl. I arrived early, as I’m fully aware of the happy hour crowd. I wasn’t early enough because it was packed. Though, I quickly wrangled the perfect corner table. Senator McKenna arrived with some great guests in tow – Senators Jolie Justus and Eric Schmitt and State Tax Commissioner Victor Callahan.

Going to Paddy’s with McKenna is much like going to Cheers with Norm. They know his name. They are glad he came. They had him a Guinness within minutes. After a quick cocktail, our table was filled with ribeye steaks, chicken strips, a grilled cheese, and my standard cheeseburger served medium-rare with steak fries accompanied with a vat of Guinness cheese sauce in which to dip. One word – delicious!

The Place 

Paddy Malone’s Irish Pub is located at 700 West Main Street, just minutes from the Capitol. With its expansive selection of tap beer, tin ceiling and Celtic wall paintings, the pub has an authentic Irish feel. It hosts a large, fun-having, laid-back local crowd that enjoys its patio on pleasant days. Street parking is readily available on two of the restaurant’s borders. The pub opens Mondays – Saturdays at 3:00 and serves food beginning at 4:00. Its days shorten during summer months to include Tuesdays – Saturdays.

The People 

Allen and Marilee Tatman have owned and operated Paddy’s for 13 years. You can spot Allen at the first table on the right when you walk in the front door or you’ll find him manning a spot by the bar when he relinquishes his table due to crowds. Allen’s favorite menu item is the “Boo Boo Burger.” What is that you may ask? You’ll have to check it out yourself!

The Product 

You know the product is great when you smell fantastic fumes as you pull into your parking spot. With daily specials, the menu is broad enough to meet everyone’s needs. I planned on ordering the meatloaf special but due to great demand, Paddy’s ran out at 5:45. Rest assured, I was pleased with my usual order. Senator McKenna shared a piece of his steak, which he contends is the best steak in town. He may be right. It was fantastic. I nearly forced my Guinness cheese sauce on Senators Justus and Schmitt. I think they liked it; though, they could have been uneasy to tell me otherwise due to my love for it. Commissioner Callahan escaped my forced allocation of the fantastic dip somehow. For a full menu, visit the following link: IMG_5512

The Price

The food is moderately priced and worth every penny. It ranges from $5-$10 for sandwiches/burgers and inflates from there with multiple cocktails and specialty orders. Regardless of the selection, you will be pleased with food quality and you won’t go away hungry.

The Pizzazz 

Great food and a great experience. The upcoming day-o-green, my superb guests, and our tasty fare made Paddy’s the perfect selection for dinner. The bartender (that shall not be named) provided great service. The crowd kept the pub lively and hopping. Senator McKenna found a nice spot to frequent and has a resolution hanging on Paddy’s wall to prove it. According to McKenna, “This is the best wait staff and food in Jefferson City.”

Next week, Nancy talks about her experiences at Vitality.