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Fitzpatrick holds CARES Act funding working group meeting


Jefferson City, Mo. — Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick today held a meeting of the CARES Act Funding Working Group.

The first priority for the group is ensuring the prompt disbursement of funds to local governments across the state.  With this goal in mind, the group approved a form for counties and cities not with in a county with populations less than 500,000 that certifies their eligibility to receive funds and their understanding of the use of the funds under the CARES Act.

The group also approved the amount of money to be disbursed to each county and city not within a county per the guidelines established by SS SCS HCS HB 2014. The Governor has concurred with these recommendations. As such, funds will be made available as soon as possible, with the first payments processed on Monday, May, 4, making funds available in county bank accounts by Wednesday, May 6.

Additionally, representatives from the medical and science community provided information regarding COVID-19 testing strategies and costs.

The certification form for local governments can be found here. The allocation amounts for counties and cities not within a county with populations less than 500,000 can be found here.

On April 10, 2020, Governor Parson formed an informal working group, led by Treasurer Fitzpatrick, to make recommendations for the use of federal funding provided for COVID-19-related costs under the CARES Act. This advisory body is studying and analyzing the federal relief available to Missouri, its citizens, and businesses and identify best practices and procedures to apply that relief.

Information about the CARES Act and the working group can be found at