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Opinion: Flood insurance needs rescuing from repetitive claims

In Missouri, we’ve experienced it all: scorching heat, blizzards, tornadoes, and flooding. While each poses its own challenges,  flooding has proved over time to be a real drain on financial support at the federal level.

Across the nation, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has been struggling to adequately provide relief to those in desperate need. The cause: too many annual claims — the same areas continuously requesting help to rebuild, only to be flooded again and again. As more and more such claims siphon resources from the NFIP, less support can be given to those who were victims of unexpected flooding.

Thankfully, Missouri’s Rep. Ann Wagner has stepped up in Congress to fix this revolving door. Wagner is the sponsor of legislation that will reform how repeatedly affected areas are covered and create a more equitable situation for everyone. If this issue is not resolved, the situation will continue to spiral out of control.

Make no mistake: There is much work to be done to clean up stressed federal systems. One bill won’t erase that reality. But, if more members of Congress look after these important issues like Wagner does, we will certainly be taking steps in the right direction.