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Hanaway joins Trump’s call to investigate Clinton Foundation

ST. LOUIS – Former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway has voiced her support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that many people who donated to the Clinton Foundation met or had phone calls with Clinton while she led the State Department. Trump has attacked the charitable organization since at least May, but in the past, he has personally donated at least $100,000 to it. The foundation has also come under scrutiny for receiving donations from Saudi Arabia.

Many Republicans have accused Clinton of quid pro quo, and Hanaway, a former U.S. District Attorney, joined the call Wednesday.

“Donald Trump is right,” she said. “We need a special prosecutor to investigate the pay-to-play scheme that traded State Department access for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

“Government corruption should never be tolerated, and if a prosecutor can demonstrate the case, then she should be automatically disqualified from holding the office of President of the United States.”

Hanaway also said the Justice Department could not be trusted with the case given that they recommended no criminal charges in the case involving Clinton’s private email server.

During the Republican gubernatorial primary, she was arguably the candidate that most supported Trump’s run for the presidency. Greitens, Brunner and Kinder all said they supported Trump, but many of them said they were reluctant to campaign with him. Hanaway said she would.

Hanaway’s announcement also comes as the Trump campaign looks to ramp up its activity in Missouri. The most recent polls have shown Clinton gaining ground in many red states, including Missouri. Trump leads Clinton by just one point in the Show Me State according to a Monmouth University poll.