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Press Release: Scientist Frank Pendleton announces candidacy for Missouri House

WEATHERBY LAKE, MO – Frank Pendleton, a distinguished scientist, educator, and community leader, has officially announced his candidacy for the Missouri House of Representatives, focusing on the key issues of public safety, education, and economic development. Fueled by a lifelong commitment to the Northland, Pendleton brings a pragmatic, data-driven approach, aiming to bridge the gap with solutions that rise above partisan politics. Currently, he is the only Republican (and only candidate) filed to run against Democratic incumbent, Rep. Ashley Aune, in MO House District 14.

In a political climate rife with division and extremism, Pendleton’s campaign is a refreshing return to commonsense values, focusing on the issues that truly matter. “Our community deserves representation that prioritizes our safety, our children’s education, and the economic health of our region,” Pendleton stated. “I’m not here to play political games; I’m here to make a real difference, relying on facts and evidence to guide our path forward.”

As a retired principal scientist from MRI Global and a former adjunct professor at Rockhurst University, Pendleton brings a unique perspective to political discourse, because he knows firsthand the importance of informed decision-making based on rigorous analysis and empirical evidence. “In science, we follow the data, even if it doesn’t fit our personal agendas,” Pendleton said. “It’s time we apply the same principle in Jefferson City, looking past our personal biases to fight for policies that will actually make our community better.”

As Election Day approaches this autumn, Pendleton looks forward to engaging with constituents, listening to their concerns, and sharing his vision for a prosperous, safe, and—most importantly—united district. “Let’s chart a course to a brighter future together,” he urges. “The Northland has been under the shadow of hyper-partisan rhetoric for too long. It’s time to restore faith in our state government by listening to constituents over special interests.” Pendleton, a respected civic leader, is involved in a plethora of local organizations, including the Weatherby Lake Environmental Committee, the Knights of Columbus, and as a troop leader for the Boy Scouts of America. Alongside his wife, Leslie, with whom he shares two children and two grandchildren, Pendleton remains active in the community, serving various roles within his church and volunteering in local initiatives.