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Press release: Matthew Overcast, attorney & veteran, launches campaign for Missouri State Representative

Ava, Missouri – Matthew Overcast, a dedicated Republican with deep roots in the Ozarks, proudly announces his candidacy for Missouri State Representative House District 155. With a firm commitment to his community, combined with his military background, legal expertise, and passion for small business development, Overcast aims to deliver effective leadership and representation to Jefferson City.

Raised on a family-owned farm in Douglas County, Missouri, Matthew Overcast has always been connected to the values of the Ozarks. A graduate of Ava High School, Drury University, and Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Overcast is a licensed Missouri Attorney, demonstrating his dedication to education and legal excellence.

After high school, Overcast served in the United States Air Force as a Tactical Aircraft Journeyman and Dedicated Crew Chief on the A-10C Warthog. His experience as a Veteran with service-connected disabilities has fueled his passion for ensuring public servants have the necessary resources for safe and effective service, while safeguarding their retirement benefits.

In addition to his legal background, Overcast brings extensive business experience to his candidacy, understanding firsthand the challenges facing entrepreneurs in southern Missouri. He is committed to fostering an environment conducive to local business growth and success.

“Our communities need greater opportunities for growth, ensuring families have access to essential resources,” Overcast stated. “This means providing outstanding college programs, trade schools, and quality employment opportunities with opportunity for advancement within our district borders.”

Married to elementary school teacher, Jessica Overcast, for 11 years, they raise their five children on the same farm where Matthew grew up. Their dedication to family and community motivates Overcast’s decision to pursue public service.

“Our teachers are underpaid, underequipped, and often underappreciated,” Overcast emphasized. “It’s time we ensure they have the resources, support, and respect they deserve.”

With experience as a former substitute teacher and husband to a schoolteacher, Overcast is acutely aware of issues within Missouri’s education system. Investing in education is crucial for the future success of our children and communities. Overcast is committed to advocating for increased funding for public schools, better pay and benefits for teachers, and improved resources and facilities for students.

“As a former substitute teacher and husband of a schoolteacher, I’ve seen the challenges teachers face firsthand,” Overcast remarked. “If elected, I’ll be a tireless advocate for teachers and students, working to improve our education system.”

With deep ties to District 155, Overcast possesses a keen understanding of its unique challenges. His legal expertise, business acumen, and commitment to Ozark values uniquely position him to champion the needs of rural communities in Jefferson City.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for Missouri State Representative, House District 155,” Overcast affirmed. “I’m committed to bringing your voices to the Missouri House floor, protecting our values, and expanding opportunities for all residents and businesses of southern Missouri.”