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Press Release: Frontrunner and conservative fighter Holly Rehder officially files for upcoming Republican Primary

Jefferson City This week, State Senator Holly Rehder officially filed to be on the Republican Primary ballot for Missouri Lt. Governor. In the midst of a crowded primary field, Holly Rehder emerges as a dynamic conservative breaking through against a backdrop of moderate Republican contenders. Recent polling data from Missouri Scout underscores Rehder’s commanding lead in the Republican Primary for Missouri Lieutenant Governor.

“As I officially file to be on the ballot for the Republican Primary, I am driven by a deep-seated commitment to protecting sacred Christian and Conservative values for all Missourians. My journey from humble beginnings to the Missouri Senate has been fueled by a passion for positive change coupled with a strong backbone. I am proud of my conservative track record championing reforms that uplift every Missourian, not just the select few. With a lifetime of Christian dedication and a relentless pursuit of doing what’s right, regardless of who disapproves, I stand ready to serve Missouri as Lt. Governor with integrity and unwavering dedication,” said Rehder.

Senator Holly Rehder is making significant strides in the Missouri State Senate with her focus on crucial legislative initiatives. Advocating for military veterans, Senator Rehder successfully pushed forward Senate Bill 768, aiming to expand access to healing therapies like psilocybin for veterans grappling with PTSD and depression. She emphasized the importance of supporting those who have sacrificed for the nation’s freedoms and expressed gratitude for veteran witnesses who testified in favor of the bill.

Additionally, Senator Rehder’s efforts include passing bills such as the Save Women’s Sports Act, requiring students in competitive sports to play on the team of their biological gender at birth. She also is advancing bills addressing human trafficking by ending child marriage in Missouri, protecting foster children by ensuring they receive their Social Security benefits and that they are not kept in the system longer than needed by supporting reunification efforts for families affected by substance misuse. 

Senator Rehder’s dedication to addressing issues that are affecting Missouri families once again this year underscores her commitment to serving with integrity and compassion, bringing hope for positive change in the state. Quitting school at 15 to help take care of her family, Rehder is quick to say it is conservative ideals, and the fact that we live in America, that allowed her to work her way out of poverty. She believes that same opportunity is available for others. Rehder has yet to back down from a fight; this race will be no different.